FX Cancels Terriers

Posted December 6th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

The disappointing but anticipated news came down from FX today that the network will not be renewing Terriers for a second season. The low rated show had a passionate following from viewers and critics but was never able to gain traction amongst the masses. Terriers just completed its 13 episode run first season last week.

Terriers was by far my favorite new show of the year. It was marred however by confusing marketing, a questionable name, and having a difficult theme to communicate. Though most likely described as a buddy-cop (PIs) show with some comedic elements it had some really deep emotional impact and some fascinating and grounded storylines. The writing and characters, including their relationships with each other, were fantastic and each episode was completely satisfying in its own way. The season-long arc was handled masterfully.

It is sad that Terriers is through but at least they tied things up at the end and had a great conclusion. This is a show I would highly recommend to everyone to watch on Hulu, Xbox Live, or any means and to pick up the DVD set when it comes out!