Survivor: Nicaragua Features Young vs Old

Posted August 10th, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Over the years Survivor has often flirted with different themed seasons. The 21st season, Survivor: Nicaragua, will open with a face-off of young vs old tribes. One side has all contestants under the age of 30 and the other side has contestants over the age of 40. As has been the case in the past things can change quickly and it may not necessarily stay that way through the merge. The full cast has been revealed with the recognizable name being former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, which was reported a few weeks ago. You can read up on all of the contestants on the official Survivor website.

Some rumors for this season include better hidden immunity idols (can thank Russell from the last two for that) and a new element being introduced called the “Medallion of Power” which will have some influence providing an advantage in challenges. Survivor: Nicaragua is set to premiere on Wednesday September 15th at 8pm on CBS.