Hulu Starts Rolling Out Subscription Service Hulu Plus

Posted June 29th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Today Hulu soft-launched their Hulu Plus service though it has not been made available to everyone just yet. For $10 a month Hulu Plus can be used on computers, the PS3 (360 early next year), the iPhone and the iPad.

Hulu Plus provides the full library of episodes for the current season, or in some cases even all seasons, of the shows they have licensed instead of just the last five episodes which is available to everyone for free. Currently Fox, ABC,  NBC, USA, and FX are amongst those that have deals to provide content to Hulu.

Unfortunately a Hulu Plus subscription does not remove advertisements. This seems to be the biggest gripe out there right now. Most expected that a premium service would mean no longer having to wait through multiple 30 second ads for each viewing.