Steve Carell Leaving The Office

Posted June 28th, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Speculation for some time has been that when Steve Carell’s contract runs out he would leave The Office. Today it was confirmed by Carell that the upcoming season of the series will be his last. Plans are for The Office to continue on without his character of Michael Scott. The question is whether audiences will accept the show without Carell attached or if the ensemble cast can carry on the success without him.

This could actually be a good thing for The Office. The Michael Scott character has grown tired over the years. There are only so many ways in which his ridiculous behavior and tendency to redeem himself can be played through before it just all starts to feel like it has been done before or the character has regressed. Many fans have complained that the show has gotten stale largely because of that. All that being said he has been the face of the show and there would likely need to be a compelling replacement for him so it will be interesting to see the direction that they go with the opportunity to plan ahead for his departure.