Les Grossman Movie in the Works

Posted June 8th, 2010 at 11:28 am

When Tom Cruise brought back his Les Grossman character for the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend it prompted many to wonder what the motivation was to do so. The character, introduced nearly two years ago in Tropic Thunder, stole that movie and apparently did the same at the MTV Movie Awards. Still what was the relevancy that prompted him to bring that character back out now?

It looks as though Cruise is working on a movie based on the character which he confirmed to E Online. This would be a great move for Cruise who has enjoyed a resurgence due to that small role that largely rehabilitated his image and fans have been asking for more Les Grossman. The news comes as Cruise’s next movie, the action-comedy Knight and Day, releases later this month and early signs are it will be a big hit.