Trailer for Secret JJ Abrams Project Debuting With Iron Man 2

Posted May 4th, 2010 at 12:11 pm

When the trailer for Cloverfield arrived from out of nowhere while attached to Transformers it created a ton of buzz that ultimately carried all the way to a big opening for a movie which had no big name stars. That trailer didn’t even include the eventual name for the movie, instead just throwing up the release date at the end. It was extremely effective as rarely can anything coming from Hollywood surprise audiences in the way that did these days.

Cloverfield was created and produced by JJ Abrams and now another film of his may be making a similar debut and again attached to one of the biggest films of the summer. HitFix is reporting that a trailer for a secret JJ Abrams project will be playing in front of prints of Iron Man 2. The title, which quite possibly could just be a code name, is Super 8. This is leading to some speculation that the trailer could be for a Cloverfield sequel or prequel.

Other than Cloverfield the only time in recent memory where I’ve been caught off guard by a trailer was for District 9. Now I’m really looking forward to what could be in store with this trailer reveal. Any ideas on what could be coming? Leave your thoughts in the comments!