The Ring 3D in the Works

Posted April 28th, 2010 at 11:32 am

The next franchise in line for the 3D reinvention has begun development as news on The Ring 3D hit yesterday. The Ring released in 2002 and followed up with a sequel in 2005. Combined they made over $200 million domestically and performed exceptionally overseas. Counting in the foreign takes they made over $400 million. The sequel dropped off though by nearly half which is why the idea of another film was shelved. Of course the 3D craze is giving studios the motivation to resurrect old franchises that may have seemed dead otherwise.

According to Heat Vision Blog the plot will be more teen-centric and could involve the characters coming across a VCR “that still works”. No release date has been scouted but the movie is expected to arrive sometime in 2011.