Captain America Offered to Chris Evans

Posted March 19th, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Reports today indicate that Marvel has offered the part of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, to Chris Evans. Neither side has confirmed the news but multiple sources have revealed that a deal has been offered though Evans would first have to find a way out of an obligation to film a different movie this summer. Months of ongoing speculation has led Marvel to miss their self-imposed decision date with rumored names being narrowed down and added over the last few weeks.

One of the concerns with Evans had been that he has already appeared in a Marvel property, having played Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) in the Fantastic Four films. It seems that wasn’t seen as a big obstacle when it came time for a final decision. For the most part it is unlikely that moviegoers strongly identify Evans as that character and won’t be able to wipe the slate clean going into Captain America.

If Evans turns out to be the guy I think it is a decent choice, better than some that had been rumored (Channing Tatum, John Krasinski, Chase Crawford) but maybe not as good as others (Scott Porter, Mike Vogel, Garret Hedlund). What concerns me is that apparently Evans never screen tested for the role while the others went through that process. They may just be banking on his experience and charisma to pull it off.